About Us

Excellence in the packing industry

Our motto is to provide our clients with packaging that is in trend and competitive with other packaging companies. Our packaging is sophisticated to the extent that it will help you take your business to higher levels.

We assure you that each important detail is available on the product that will help you increase the sales of your product. Moreover, another amazing thing we provide to our customers is the best design and colors as per the theme of the product.

We make sure to put on those designs and colors that are chosen by our customers as per their wish. Also, in the end, our designing team put their own efforts to make the packaging more outstanding and extraordinary.

our concern

We truly understand your need and hope from us and we will never disappoint you. Our designing team will work day and night to accommodate you with exceptional packaging. We have a highly professional team who is adaptable to change and works on dynamic changes as well that usually comes from technological advancement. Our graphic designers work under your budget and come up with an excellent possible solution for your product. Our first and foremost priority is to provide cost-effective packaging along with the provision of the most reliable packaging solutions to our customers.


The most amazing fact about our packaging system is that we believe in the customization and elegance that we have already introduced for our customers. If you need a modification, it won’t be troublesome for you as you can do that on your own without consulting us. This is the ease we provide to our customers.

Meet deadlines

Interestingly, we are good with meeting deadlines without any further delay or excuse for a deadline extension. We deliver on time and work within the given timelines. We value the time of our customers and we understand if we are late with the delivery, their sales will get affected. Furthermore, we believe in sustainability and all the raw materials that are used for the packaging of your product are eco-friendly. Meaning, the packaging boxes
will never hurt the ecosystems nor harm the environment. These packaging boxes can be later used for a good purpose. Isn’t that incredible?
Besides that, we keep a friendly interaction with our clients to give them the best exposure of their life.

Tackle with the complex situations

Apart from that, we pride ourselves on the packaging services we provide to our customers that are of great quality. Also, we tackle the technicalities that go with the packaging of a particular product. We believe in providing unique packaging that is of great worth as compared to the prices we offer for our services. We are available for you 24/6, so you can come to us to discuss your problems and we will definitely provide you the best solution for it.

We feature your products:

We aim to make your product the best looking among other competing products. Our packaging will make your product more prominent urging the customers to buy it.

Affordable rates

We offer the best prices as compared to the other competitors. Our prices will not only make a good revenue for your products but will also save a lot of your cost. Isn’t that remarkable?

– Addition of new and unique paper products

Our company has prospered over time. We now deal in all kinds of paper products such as scrapbook papers, paper bags, children books, luxury paper boxes, and so on so forth. We have the edge over producing gift boxes, cardboard boxes, folding boxes, jewelry boxes, and so on. Also, we render services from designing and printing to handicraft processing.

Enhancement of products

There are multiple packaging styles in the market, but our packaging will truly enhance your product. Any kind of product can be packaged with the help of our highly professional team. We believe in giving your products an incredible look that will surely grab the eyes of the customers.

Excellent quality paper

We make sure that the paper used for the packaging of your valuable products is of fine quality along with a rich pattern. It is just that you have to choose your desired papers that can be further used for the packaging. Our designer plays with the papers to produce a unique output.

High-density foam

We use high-density foam in our packaging to protect your products. We make sure that that packaging is secure to the extent that it saves the product from any kind of accident or leakage.

The foam is extremely soft to touch so that the customers don’t have to put extra effort to use the product.

Delicate texture

We ensure nice colors and delicate textures in our packaging boxes that will surely grab the attention of your customers. This appealing texture will truly make your customers happy.

Custom Printed Boxes & Custom Packaging solutions

Our company believes in providing the best packaging to our valuable customers. We never compromise in providing the best quality packaging. We have a team of skilled persons who deal in all kinds of designing, custom solutions, and sales. We design the packaging as per your demand.

Packaging town offers custom printed boxes, which makes your product extraordinary. Printed boxes look beautiful.

Printed custom boxes and packaging solution

Printed custom boxes business is in nowadays. Packaging town provides printed boxes that have an eye-capturing effect, meet the demand of the industry.

Type of custom boxes

Packaging town provides boxes with Logo.

  1. Cube Shape Boxes

Cube shape boxes are a creative and basic form used in packing grocery, bakery items, electronic samples, and cosmetics. Cube shape boxes have two advantages, firstly it increases the shelf life of a product and secondly provide many custom design appearance. Cube shape boxes are used by all working brands that want fine and fashionable rapping of their products. It’s easy to open and close the cube box. It provides the best storage space.

 Boxes for Storage

The storage boxes provide the best storage solution to store products for a long time at any temperature. These boxes range in small, medium, and large sizes present in the market. These boxes are of size, shape, and color mostly, rectangular boxes are used.

Storage boxes are made up of plastic, wood, metal, cardboard, and fabric. The plastic used in these boxes can be recycled or not depend on the type of plastic used in manufacturing. Plastic is the best material in the manufacturing of storage boxes.

Heavy plastic boxes contain polypropylene, which is a recycle able material. These can be used again and again. These boxes are used for storage in homes and industries. These boxes store food items, photos, jewelry, decorative items, wallets, and other items because these boxes are air-tight that prevent these materials from corrosion, and store them for a long time. Plastic storage boxes contain plastic lid which can be opened easily.

  1. Two-Piece Boxes

Every item is packed and proposed beautifully nowadays. This fashion is in demand in the market. Many products like jewelry, shoes for women, and many men products like shoes and watches are fashionably packed. Two-piece boxes are one of the famous ways of packing items.

It comprises of cover and tray. There is no difficulty in opening and closing. It is widely used because of its detachable cover and bottom shape tray. These boxes are economically important because they are cheap and easily accessible.

  1. Types of Two-Piece Boxes

Two-piece boxes are made up of two types of significant materials:

  • Cardboard material
  • Rigid material
  1. Two-piece cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are cheap and extensively used in markets due to cardboard recycling that increases the market rate. Cardboard boxes further consist of two categories. In lightweight two-piece boxes, 1.5mm dense cardboard material is used. In heavyweight two-piece boxes, 2.0mm dense cardboard material is used. These boxes are used in the packing of shoes, toys, and watches. Most people used two-piece boxes to store crockery and many other items.

  1. Two-piece sweet boxes

Giving sweets to the people on any occasion and event is a tradition among the human being. So, the packing of sweets is changing according to fashion. Sweets are packed in two-piece boxes nowadays. It provides attraction because customers love these boxes.

  1. Two-piece gift boxes

Gifts are presented to the loved ones to show them affection. Different types of gifts wrapped in different styles are presented to family and friends. The fashion of rapping is changing every day. Now gifts are packed in two-piece boxes. It increases the beauty of gifts and people. These boxes are made up of paper and fiberboard material and ribbons and decorative materials to increase the beauty of the gift.

  1. Two-piece set up boxes.

Set up boxes are the most reliable form of two-piece boxes. It is made up of good quality cardboard. These boxes are used in many fields, such as in promotion and for sale.

  1. Cake Boxes

Cakes are given to friends and family to show affection and loved by everyone. The taste and the look of the cake also matter, so cake bakers add different icing and topping on the cake for its beautiful look. Attractive cake boxes are in fashion nowadays because the first thing that is noticed by people is a cake container or box in which the cake is packed.

Different bakeries and shops have different cake boxes, which attract people. Cake boxes are available according to their demand for a birthday, some for a wedding, so cake boxes that meet the need and attract the people at a wedding or a party.

Many boxes have a small window from where the cake can be seen. This type of box avoids a mess when shipping from one place to another. Ribbons and many decorative things are added to these boxes to enhance beauty.

  1. Bath Bomb Boxes

Competition among the selling of product is increasing day by day. The things that are selling in beautiful packing attract people. People like the items which show the product quality, which is difficult to show in usual and normal packing. So, if bath bombs are selling used the beautiful boxes for bath bombs, they completely display their quality. These boxes create a good image of the seller in the person’s mind, and people love your bath bombs. Bath bombs are available in the market according to a person’s mood, happy, sad, relax, emotional, and exhausted used by the person.

  • Hanging Tab Boxes

Different types of hanging boxes are present in the market that increase the beauty of homes, offices, and shops. These boxes are made up of the card and paper.

  • Shipping Boxes

These are made up of the most reliable fiberboards. These boxes contain top and bottom flaps, so your items are easily placed in these boxes by covering the boxes with tape. These boxes are made up of cardboard. These are safest for sending stuff to distant places.


Packing different items like food, clothes, watches, shoes, jewelry, photos, cakes, and shipping purposes are in demand. Many types of storage boxes need preserving food items at any temperature for a  long time. These boxes are of different styles and fashion which attract the people attention.