Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 01, 2021

We preserve the privacy of our customers at any cost. Also, we never share the personal details of our customers with any third party. Moreover, our company believes in maintaining the privacy of our customers by taking necessary precautions. We ensure our customers their privacy at any cost. We assure them that their important information will never be disclosed to anyone no matter what. Visiting our website will make you accept all the terms and conditions of our business.

Our top priority is to preserve the security of our customers at any level. If you enter your bank information such as debit or credit card information, we secure it through a secure socket layer which will preserve your data. It hereby notifies you that never disclose your private information to anyone no matter what the condition is. You have to be very cautious while entering your information. Also, you need to be vigilant when visiting other websites through the hyperlink we have provided on our website.

Data gathering

The data collected from our customers is only our property and we will not be going to share it further. In the different processes of our website, we collect information from the visitors of our website.

Customer service

In order to fulfill the order of our customers, we take information from our customers in terms of email and phone number so that we may get connected with them if we need any further information regarding our services.


Our customers are automatically subscribed to our newsletter. In case if you don’t want to get subscribed, you can surely contact us and we will stop the subscription.

Product updates

As per requirement, we send news on the update of products, deals, and services to our routine visitors. Even if you don’t want to receive any updates, we’ll surely stop sending them to you. For that, you have to contact us through our website or phone number.


In order to enhance our website, we do use cookies to increase customer’s experience. A cookie is defined as a set of programs that stores some data on your device for a period set by our website. We will get to know every time you visit our website through this information that is stored on your device.

Our website will be accessible to you once you enable the cookies. Also, if you want to remove cookies, you can follow the instructions provided in your web browser to remove the cookies.


Another material on the internet is hyperlinked by our website. We will not be liable for the privacy policies of other websites we have hyperlinked. We highly appreciate our visitors to read the privacy policy of other websites thoroughly.
Our privacy policy only implies the data we gather in our capacity.

Opt-out option

At one point, we do as for our customer’s information but we also provide our visitors an opportunity of opting out from the scenario. It totally depends on our visitors if they want their information to get used or not. For instance, there is an opt-out option available for our visitors in case if they have placed an order and they don’t get any marketing material related to the website later. Customers
have the complete authority to opt-out from any of our subscriptions that may use their data in order to send marketing or promotional news.

Business-related updates

If our enterprise goes through any business-related transition as in merged with, sold to, acquired by, or declared as bankrupt, the asset transfer will gather some of your information that was previously collected by our website through our customers and users.

Preserve security

We believe in being responsible as a business. Also, we understand the importance of security a website must-have. All the data and information of our customers are within the premises of our office and we also make use of data encryption which is considered as a higher level of data security. Meaning, no data is supposed to send or receive without the official authority of our office.

The information you send us through the internet, we can not guarantee its security as we all know the nature of the internet as it is not 100% secure.

Committed to privacy

We believe that by visiting our website, you will agree to all the terms and conditions of our website and business. We tend to follow a strict policy for the collection of data and information from our customers. We preserve their data at any cost. We make sure that no information of our customers is distributed or leaked through any of the processes until the delivery of your product. We do not
believe in spreading our customer’s privacy no matter what. We do not tend to do business with children under 13 years and do not collect their information. By visiting our website you assure an agreement of the terms and conditions of our website. Your information will never be disclosed by us.


In this article, we have discussed the privacy policy of our business. We have mentioned how your data is protected through our website. We have also discussed the cookies and how they gather information from your device and store some additional information in your device so that whenever you visit our website we get to know about your visit.

Besides that, we also discussed the newsletter subscription that helps you to get additional and informative knowledge about our new products or promotions. Also, we give our customers the complete right to opt-out from the subscription anytime they want by approaching us through our phone number and email.

Newsletters basically help you to know about any further updates and improvements in our website and business. And we believe in updating the necessary information for our customers in order to keep them informed.

Besides that, our commitment to privacy is 100% guaranteed because we never believe in disclosing the personal of our valuable customers no matter what happens. We ensure the privacy of our customers and our customer’s privacy is our topmost priority.

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