We can say that these are packages made up of corrugated fiberboard. The lid and bottom of these boxes made a flap so that you can secure your stuff inside these boxes by locking it with adhesive tape. These shipping boxes are often called cardboard boxes too.

 You can easily assemble these boxes because these boxes’ two walls are glued during the manufacturing process. But these boxes are delivered flat, so occupy less space. Shipping boxes are mostly used as secondary packaging or if large items are shipped. 

What are the USPS shipping boxes?

USPS’s actual meaning is United States Postal Service; it is an independent agency and branch of the United States Federal government. This agency is responsible for providing postal services in the United States and the insular areas and associated states.

These USPS shipping boxes are just perfect for domestic packaging and sent safely. The USPS will prepare your domestic box properly and send it to the destination on time. And you can also save money by sending your packages from here. There are a few steps to follow to ship your stuff safely:

  • Choose your box: The very first step before starting the packaging item is choosing perfect sized boxes. So choose a box that’s big so your items will be saved and secure in it. But remember not to choose extra-sized; the box should be standard size, so you should not have to pay extra charges for it. 
  • Reusing a box: In case of using an old box, you should cover all the old logos, shipping labels, and addresses with a black marker or anything. 
  • Weight and size: The weight of the packages you are sending must not be more than 70 lbs. The size of all your packages should be less than 108 inches.
  • Pack your box: Make sure to close your box using adhesive tape, which should be 2-inch wide. So your product will be saved throughout its journey. 
  • Mention the address: You have to write the address in the same format as envelopes. It’s up to you, you can write or print the address, but it should be very clear. And don’t forget to put the return address too.
  • Choosing a mail service: checking the best way of sending your parcel depends on the size, weight, and the time you want your parcel to arrive.  The USPS has various shipping services with different delivery speed, size of the package, and anything extra like tracking the package or insurance.
  • Ship your package: where to mail the box depends on the size and the area you live in. You also have an opportunity to request for free package pickups and drop small parcels in the blue-colored box. 

Cost-effective shipping boxes: 

These boxes are easy-to-use and very cost-effective. Using these boxes, you can ship your package like an expert. The flat rate shipping boxes will be shipped anywhere in the U.S and within 1-3 business days. For shipping these boxes from the USPS service, you will need the free flat rate box first. And these branded boxes will give you a flat rate shipping price. To get these boxes, you can order it or get it from the nearest post office.

While choosing the shipping box, you should be careful because each shipping box has a different price. If the shipping box is smaller in size, they will be cheaper, and the large boxes will be with some exceptions. So better to choose the right box to be safe from future problems. 

The shipping service cost depends on the area the package will be delivered or the weight of the box. But the USPS flat rate shipping boxes are just perfect if your item is heavy or covering a long distance. The main thing you should remember is the weight of the boxes should be 70 pounds, and your package should be properly closed.                                                                                                       Get your little items packed safely:                  

Packing small stuff is kind of difficult because assembly them is complicated. Not only this transporting or shipping small but fragile items is a little more difficult because of that, we want a box in which our item get fixed properly without moving. But finding that type of box is not that easy. 

So for making this thing easy small shipping boxes are here to help. You can get a perfect size and shape for your expensive items to be saved throughout shipment from door-to-door. These boxes size starts from 6cm so you can easily pack your smallest item, which will get properly fixed in it. You can also have various shapes, so if you don’t want to transport in a square box, you can get a circle or cubic.  

Customize your shipping box:

Have a lot of varieties, but still can’t find the perfect shipping box? No need to worry, one more chance to have a perfect box for tension-free shipment. You have an opportunity to customize the shipping box as of your need. 

The perfect size or shape anything will be customized as of your choice for safe shipment. Just search for the shipping boxes near me and get the perfect box. The most important thing among all this is how much these boxes will cost? Why worry about the cost when you can use these boxes more than one time. These boxes are made up of recycled material and can be recycled again. 


Thinking about shipment, transfer, or even sending any package to someone is a little thing to be tensed. Because it’s very normal, many people’s stuff gets damaged or didn’t reach its destination safely. So the only suggestion for this is to get help from the responsible shipment service. They will take the responsibility, pack your item, and will ship it to its accurate destination. You can any of your favorite size and shape to fit your fragile and heavy items perfectly.