Apparel boxes are an ideal choice if you want to sell your apparel products with
ease at the retail racks. Apparel boxes come with a 1-2-3 bottom, designed to
ensure maximum protection and safety for your valuable products. The apparel
boxes take a bit of time during assembly; however, there can't be any other
packaging to compete once they are ready to use.
The bottom strength provided by apparel boxes makes them more valuable
packaging. The apparel boxes' additional features include custom window, die-
cut, embossing of logo and text, foil stamping, glossy/matte lamination, spot &
full gloss UV coating, etc.

Customized Apparel Boxes:

The custom apparel boxes helped present your attire with a heart-throbbing
outlook and glossed coated using the latest equipment pieces. These boxes are
customized in different shapes, styles, and layouts so you can fit in your apparel
product easily. When you pair your work with top of the line apparel boxes, the
brand heightens, especially when you send blouses, skirts, and tops to your loved
ones; these boxes became your representatives. These boxes are perdurable to
withstand the rigors of shipping.
Hence the hard-wearing of the custom apparel boxes is a must to expect good
results. For this purpose, use Ultra-strong cardboard that is made fancy by adding
lamination and shiny add-ons like aqueous coating and spot UV for the perfect
The customized boxes provide first quality apparel boxes at economical rates. You
can choose custom apparel boxes with plastic or silicone window on the top to
show off the clothes packed inside the apparel box.

Personalized apparel boxes:

Personalized apparel boxes are preferred as they are 100 % customized. The
chosen materials for the custom boxes vary from corrugated fiberboard sheets to
Kraft to plain cardboard.

Customized apparel boxes for belt packaging:

You can get your luxury apparel boxes for belt packaging in different shapes,
sizes, and layouts. It is quality and error-free packaging services. Make sure you
feel confident and happy using custom apparel boxes with a perfect printed
This apparel box may be made of Kraft paper, Art paper, Coated paper, or
corrugated paperboard in 3 to 5 layers. The printing for this apparel box may be
UV offset printing, silk-screen, stamping, etc. you can print your artwork or design
on these boxes.
Disposable apparel boxes for cloth packaging:
The key features of this packaging box are as follows:
 Multiple cut out options for creative styling.
 Firm and durable material
 Keeps the fabric clean and safe
 Custom printing for branding purposes
 Easy to open flap

Custom Apparel boxes for Shoe packaging:

The customized apparel boxes give you the added advantage of selecting from
various colors, sizes, and dimensions. The premium quality customized shoe
boxes are sturdy, and the designs come at no additional cost.
Key features:
 Quality retail shoeboxes
 No extraordinary charges for shoebox printing.

 Custom printed shoeboxes with your company logo.
 Multiple lamination options
 All dimensions and shapes are readily available according to shoe size.
 Study and long-lasting.

Luxury Watch Case:

The luxury watch case with leather insert can be used as apparel gift boxes to gift
a beautiful watch with perfect packaging to your loved one.
Watches are amongst the most desirable up-market commodities, or fashion
accessories, that one can purchase. No one can deny the importance of high
quality and visually excellent packaging that drives products' value through appeal
and branding.
This watch box is luxurious packaging. And the key features of this packaging
box are as follows:
 Luxury watch packaging with leather insert is an elegant packaging solution.
 It provides Complete customizable packaging in size, color, and coating
 Durable packaging is made from high-grade materials for long term use.
 Industry best standards practiced throughout from manufacturing to
 Other processes and services are also given to enhance the appeal of

Apparel packaging design:

Whenever you hire a company for apparel boxes, make sure that it must offer
different packaging designs. The designers must be efficient enough to create
packagings like apparel pillow boxes, custom shoe boxes, and boxes with window

Clothing Packaging Bags:

You can choose customized apparel boxes for the packaging of clothes, t-shirts,
blouses, skirts, etc. you can choose foam, plastic, cardboard, or molded pulp
inserts. We assure you that your items won't budge during transportation.
Classy Coating Options:
Packaging for fashion products is essential. It is needed to grab your attention as
well as play with your tactile experience.
You can create the ultimate box experience. With coating options such as gloss,
soft-touch, and even texture paper.
High-Quality Printing:
Aside from durable packaging, the printing quality of apparel boxes also matters.
A company that is manufacturing apparel boxes must provide digital and offset
printing options, both of which can print your images or vector graphics in crisp,
vivid quality.

Branding Possibilities:

Packaging clothes and other accessories with apparel boxes are a perfect way to
give yourself some brand awareness. You can design your custom printed apparel
boxes with your brand’s logo and brand colors to showcase your personality!

Wholesale Apparel Boxes:

The apparel boxes are a perfect way out for wrapping or shipping the clothes and
accessories. They are available in custom sizes, shapes, and designs, which means
that you will find perfect custom printed apparel boxes according to your specific
needs. It is so much effortless to buy apparel boxes wholesale. This can save your
money as the wholesale products are available at low costs.

Luxury apparel boxes are the best thing for your products' packaging, but you can
use apparel boxes in many unique ways apart of using them only for the clothes
packaging. You can use rigid apparel boxes for stationary and for decoration and
even as gift boxes. You can also use white apparel boxes in the kitchen to store
various eatables.


Apparel boxes are designed to give protection to your clothing, shoes, and other
accessories. The customized apparel boxes are made to measure according to
buyer demand. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs according
to your product. The apparel gift boxes are the best way to package your
beautiful gifts to give your loved one a special event.