Everyone wants to make the most important day of their life memorable and having that day of the person close to you, you should think about gifting. The gift should be like that the person you are giving or the people around you would remember it for long. You will surely think again and again before giving it, after choosing the gift, the next part comes, which is also difficult to decide it is the packaging. If the gift you are giving is packed in a good packaging box, it will automatically increase its value. And to the person you are giving this will make that person fall in love with you. 

Auto-lock boxes with bottom lock:

These boxes are one of the popular boxes among the industries and are used for packaging widely. Because of their material and the perfect grip they give to the product, more and more people ask for it. These boxes are also known as custom Auto bottom boxes. The best Kraft is done on these boxes, giving it an attractive look. Not for only small things, these boxes are also available as lock bottom cartons. This will protect the apparel and retail items.

Templates of auto lock boxes:

If you love crafting, then this part is for you. It is very easy to use these templates, and the best part is you can make your customized auto-lock boxes. This will gives your product a cute, attractive, and unique loo. You can also use different things like rubber stamps, ribbons to make it more creative. 


In this process, you will only need the template of the auto-lock box, some crafting things to make it look unique, and scissors. Cut the template according to the shape, fold it to give it a good crisp, decorate it according to your need, glue the edges, and done lock it with its auto-lock, and it’s ready to give. Put anything you want to gift and surprise your beloved ones. These templates are of two different types: Auto-lock bottom box templates and the other is roll end tuck front box templates.

  • Auto-lock bottom box template: These templates come with an auto-lock in its bottom.
  • Roll end tuck front box
  • the name shows it all, this template will be having a rolling end, and the front part will be tucked in.

Quality of the auto locks boxes:

These boxes are becoming popular day by day. The reason behind it is its unbeatable quality. It is made up of hard and thick cardboard, which is waterproof and electronic proof. The upper part is coated by mate or gloss look, depending on your choice. If you are using these boxes for gifting purposes, the quality should be good. 

Because this will reflect your image on the other person. No need to worry because these boxes meet your desire and fulfill all your needs. This box won’t rip off until you open it. And because you are paying for it, you want these boxes to stay at least for some time, so no need to worry it won’t spoil early if it has good care. 

Size of these Auto-lock boxes:

These boxes come in your desire size. It is completely customized. These boxes can be tiny to fit jewelry products, candies, and other small things or a medium size in which you can put a scarf, clothes, or any showpiece. The boxes can be a very large size in which you can put retail items too. Whatever you want to set, gift or pack, you can use the auto-lock boxes easily. Its customized size will give you self-satisfaction as it will give the perfect grip to the product you are going to pack.

Wholesale Auto locks boxes:

You can also get these boxes for your own business. These boxes are available in wholesale box packaging, which will give your business a new look. If you sell your products in the perfect gripped and attractive packaging, it will surely attract clients and make them refer your shop to others too. There are many things very common, but people got attracted to rare things, having a shop do something with normal packaging like other shopkeepers. What’s the difference? Nothing, but if you use the Auto-Lock boxes for your shop, it will widely spread among the people and automatically increase your profit. 

Customized Auto-Lock boxes:

Everyone wants the thing they are buying should be different from others. But there are many things you get similar because you don’t have any chance to customize it. But now you have an opportunity to customize your Auto lock boxes for your-self. Indeed, not everyone has the same choice. There are many things we think before buying something, or sometimes, after looking at something, the thought comes to mind that it should be of this color or that design will suit this more. 

Now you can do this with your Customized box. The color, texture, material, and design of everything will depend on you. Even you can customize the size. Because sometimes we have a tension that the box we are buying will the product will fits in it perfectly? Or will it give a grip to it or not? To all your questions, the only answer is customizing it.


This packaging are giving your products or gifts an attractive look. If you buy an expensive gift, but its packaging was not good enough, it will decrease the gift two’s value. Or if you are selling something, the quality or the product is good enough, but the packaging is normal; it will affect your product’s price. You will be getting what you want, the color, texture, material, design even you can decide the size. Now, why think twice? There is also a plus point for you as the roll end tuck top box template generator will make a template of Auto-lock box that had the roll end and a tucked-in top, giving your product an excellent grip protect the product stays inside the box.