E-cigarettes are used via vape pens. The battery is used to heat liquid into vapors that are inhaled by the smokers. E juice fills in cartridges that contain nicotine, glycol, and other flavoring chemicals. Among smokers, CBD e-cigarettes are the most popular CBD product. CBD directly enters the body through the alveoli. This CBD product contains only natural products and does not contain heavy elements. After using CBD e-cigarettes person can study, work, and drive a car without any check. There is no feeling of illusion.

CBD E-Liquids

E-liquids or e-juice pour into a vape pen which gives flavor to vapor. CBD e-liquids are classic liquids containing CBD, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol in electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine or narcotic THC. Nicotine is present when using nicotine e- liquids. CBD e-liquids are suitable for smaller e-cigarettes and mouth-lung type atomizers. But not suitable for low- resistance vaping.

Types of CBB E-Cigarette Boxes:


CBD E-Liquid Baked Custard Boxes

CBD bake custard is available in display boxes. This CBD cigarette contains baked custard as an additional flavor. Water vapors are odorless and absorb in air. This flavor is liked by smokers or non-smokers as well. This is a printed box with a brand logo on it.

Custom Window CBD Cigarette Boxes

 Window boxes can attract customers directly to the product. Custom cigarette boxes with windows can be of any size, shape, and style. It represents the most important part of the item that is present inside. That grabs the attention of the customers when seeing the cigarettes inside. Window on cigarette box present on top or the bottom. These boxes present in beautiful prints, with logo designing, product manufacturing details, embossing, and matte and gloss lamination is done on them. 

Vape Cartridge Box

Vape box packaging provides abundant attention that increases the sale rate and income. Vape cartridge boxes are available with prints or without prints. Available in a different size, color, and shape. Vape box made up of corrugated, E-Kraft, Bux board paper material. Gold and silver foiling, embossing, and matte and gloss lamination are done on a vape box.

 Halo Flavor Cigarettes Boxes

These e-cigarettes present in different halo premium flavors. These cigarette boxes are beautifully designed to contain atomizers on them. E-juices used in halo flavors are mount-bakers vapors. Strawberry gummy, mango ice, sweet tobacco, cheesecake, and apple melon are different halo flavors.

 E-Health Cigarette Box

E-health cigarettes are free of nicotine. These cigarettes have an authentic appearance that produces nicotine-free non-toxic vapors. Vapors are odorless and absorb in the air quickly. Vapors feel and look like actual smoke. These are plain black boxes that attract smokers or non-smokers. 

E-cigarette CBD Apple Box

E-cigarette with a disposable flavor of apple is useful for the people who want to quit the addiction of tobacco and nicotine. It is also ideal for the persons that replenish the CBD dose throughout the whole day as a tasty cigarette flavor.

Berry E-Juice CBD Box

This e-juice is made up of tangy blackberries, freshly picked blueberries, juicy raspberries with a pinch of the tart. This very cool e juice formation by salt e-liquid.

Strawberry Pom E-juice CBD Box

It is made up of the slight tartness of a kiwi, sweet strawberries, and ruby red pomegranates that provide a quenching mouth sensation. It is a salt formulation of the fresh brain freeze flavor. 

Pen Style E-Cigarette Boxes

These are beautifully designed e-cigarettes. It has a high power battery, smoke vape pen tank, silicon ring, charging cable, and instruction manual. It is a cloud beast style pen vaporizer. 

CBD Hemp Cigarettes Boxes

To highlight the hemp cigarette box on the self of the tobacco store. CBD hemp cigarette packaging meet the need for beautiful display and increased shelf life. These boxes are designed by experts that medicated hemp cigarettes. These boxes designed with beautiful prints catch the attention of buyers. Environmentally friendly inks are used in the packaging.

Pop Up CBD Cigarette Boxes

Print promotion designs of brands are made on a popup showcase. The packaging of pop-up cigarette boxes is completely transparent. These boxes are designed as a way to fit cigarettes easily.

Striking E-Cigarette Boxes

The beautiful packaging of e-cigarette along with all necessary information and the brand logo is the first thing notice by the customers. Striking cigarette boxes are designed by experts that used their experience of several years. Experts know all printing techniques that convert plain boxes into decent look box. By a single glance, these boxes attract buyers on the tobacco store shelf.

CBD Cigarette Boxes with Logo

These custom boxes are available in any shape, design, size, and layout. These boxes protect the cigarette from contamination. Experts used effective and trendiest techniques to stamp brand logos. Beautifully designed boxes with logos increase the sale rate of a brand. Logos also convince a customer to choose a valuable brand. 

Printed CBD Cigarette Boxes

Many forms of digital prints are made on the cigarette boxes. PMS, CMYK, and spot color techniques are used to made prints on the cigarette boxes. These boxes are designed with eco-friendly raised inks. Matte and gloss lamination, foiling, and embossing made on these boxes. Capturing designs on boxes heat the brand value. Printed boxes not only beautify the product but also provide protection.

Cannabis Cigarette Boxes

Cannabis cigarette boxes are CBD boxes available in all sizes, styles, and shapes. These are made up of cardstock, corrugated material, and Bux board paper. These are available with prints or without prints. PMS and CMYK color scheme added to these boxes. Finishing is done by gloss and matte lamination, embossing, foiling, and spot UV.


E-cigarettes are used with the help of a battery and deliver nicotine directly into the lungs. E-juice is present in e-cigarettes that changed into water vapors when this vape device is used. E-cigarettes are less harmful free of nicotine. Smoke produce by the e-cigarette looks like actual smoke. It is odorless and easily vanishes. E-cigarettes are the best option for addicted smokers who want to quit smoking to enjoy the beautiful flavor of the e-juice. E-cigarettes are designed in beautiful packaging that not only beautifies but also grabs the customer’s attention on the shelf of a tobacco store.