CBD Lotion 

All terpenes and cannabinoids naturally originated from the hemp plant present in CBD lotions. CBD lotion has many characteristics that revitalize and nourish the skin so many beauty brands introduce CBD lotions.

Uses of CBD Lotions

CBD-infused lotions and creams give pain relief to a person. Omega acid, and antioxidants present in the lotion that is helpful in the reduction of skin inflammation, and skin quality improvement.

Types of CBD Lotion

  • Social Rest CBD Body Lotion

It is non-greasy, and fast-absorbing consist of essential oils for fragrance, and shea butter. 

  • CBD Lavender Lotion 

CBD lavender lotion is calmed by hemp claimed that lotion gives smooth look and relieves pain.

Main Purpose of CBD Lotion Boxes

After the production of CBD lotion, it is packed finally in boxes that are customized. The main purpose of CBD lotion boxes is to provide safety. It prevents the products from damage and leakage. It enhances the shelf life of a product effectively. Durable and recyclable packaging is required for CBD lotions. 

Types of CBD Lotion Boxes:

  • Logo Designed on CBD Boxes

 A brand logo is effectively written on the lotion boxes. The main purpose of the CBD brand that lotion boxes are designed with proper space on which all the description of the product is present. So, lotion boxes with production detail, and company logo is necessary to attract a buyer.

  1. Plain CBD Lotion Boxes

Many lotion boxes are plain with no prints on them. It gives delicate look to the boxes. Foiling with silver or gold is done on these lotion boxes. Its finishing is done with gloss and matte lamination.

  • Printed CBD Lotion Boxes

CBD lotion boxes enclosed in printed boxes of different printing types listed below:

  • PMS Boxes

PMS is Pantone Matching System which is a standard color system. CBD lotion boxes design with this technique seek the attention of the buyers.

  • CMYK Colors

Digital printing for the CBD lotion boxes uses the CMYK color scheme. Four different color inks Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and Black uses for CMYK color printing. It is a common and famous technique to design CBD lotion boxes in the press.

  • Spot Colors

Using the spot color technique, individual inks are added to different parts of the package. A set formula is used to create individual pre-mixed colors in spot color packaging. By this packaging, beautiful prints are formed on lotion boxes.

CBD Lotion Boxes with Die Cut/Window

A die-cut window is demanding over CBD lotion boxes. It increases the product’s promotion and adds novelty to its display. These boxes are designed in a way to fit lotion bottles of all shapes, and sizes. These boxes prevent and preserve the ducts. It attracts people by its beautiful appearance with matte lamination and embossing.

Auto-Lock CBD Lotion Box 

Auto-lock custom lotion boxes are the best packaging for shipping of lotion products. The addition of locking and folding flaps to the lotion boxes give strength to it. So, damageable items are easily handled or shipped to distant places. Distinctive designs are made on these boxes. Gloss lamination is done on it with the golden and silver foiling that fascinate the customers.

Gable CBD Lotion Boxes

 Gable boxes are convenient boxes available for CBD lotion packaging. This box contains a carrying handle which gives an attractive decorative look to the customers. These boxes come in attractive colors, foiled, and gloss laminated grab the attention of the audience. This box easily opens/closes and carries lotions easily.

Pillow CBD Lotion Boxes

Pillow packaging is unique in the packaging of low weight items such as lotions, candy, and jewelry. It is a long curved box made up of cardboard. Pillow boxes for lotions are present in all sizes, and shapes. Pillow lotion boxes present in many beautiful colors and prints. It gives an attractive outlook to the buyer. 

Tuck Flap CBD Lotion Boxes

These boxes are made with lightweight cardboard items but easily handle the semi-liquid and heavy products. It contains top and bottom flaps. These flaps are in the same, and opposite direction with folding in the base can be joined manually. These are packed with adhesive tapes that protect the product. It gives an attractive look visually when present the lotion in a flap box.

Punch Partition CBD lotion Boxes

 These boxes are used to save delicate items. Punch partition boxes provide the best option for retailing, storing, and transporting durable and risk items. Excellently fit the item in packaging. These are available in all sizes and shapes. Coating of punch partition is done by gloss, and matte. Customized holes present in these partitions perfectly ideal for your products. It gives a delicate appearance to the presentation.

Sleeve CBD Lotion Boxes

Beautiful sleeve lotion boxes business is in nowadays. Sleeve boxes are used for the packaging of products that need extra protection. These boxes are made with panels or sleeves. A bottom panel slides to the top sleeve and covers the base and assured that the product on the base remains unharmed in its original condition. These boxes are made with high-quality cardboard material. Sleeve boxes available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Printed sleeve boxes are the best attractive option for packaging.

Perforated CBD Lotion Boxes

A small perforation or many holes punched into the cardboard box so the upper part of a box is easily torn off. The purpose of perforation is to take products easily out of the box. Many brands use perforated packaging for the lotion products liked by the customers. Customized perforated boxes contain brand logo, with beautiful shapes and present in desired sizes. 

 Additional designing on CBD Lotion Boxes

Silver and gold foiling, UV spot, matte and gloss finishing, embossing, and aqueous coating done on CBD lotion boxes at cost-effective prices. It gives an eye capturing glam to the targeted audience.


In the medical cannabis industry, CBD lotion is the most usable product. CBD lotions can be easily damaged. CBD-infused lotion needs extra protective packaging that prevents your product from a harsh environment. CBD lotion boxes must be designed by high-level experts. Decent packaging is a famous trend for the best presentation that grabs the attention of an audience.