Diamond-shaped boxes are available in the market with an attached lid in various
colors and discernible patterns. These boxes are used for gifts, as decorative
containers, or for storage around the home or craft room. The diamond-shaped
boxes offer the versatility of creating other shapes when multiple boxes are
combined. By joining these boxes together, you can make a larger diamond, a
hexagon, and even a heart-shaped box. After completing diamond boxes, it can
be folded and stored away for use another time.
The adorable diamond-shaped gift boxes make great containers for wedding
reception favors. These boxes are handy for a birthday party, milestone
anniversary, or other special events. You can fill each diamond-shaped box with
sweets or memorable party favors to give guests a special take-home treat.

Diamond Shaped Favor Boxes:

The wedding or bridal shower should be memorable. These events are the
grandest celebration in a woman’s life. You can make your wedding events more
memorable by sharing unique diamond-shaped favor boxes filled with colorful
sweets with your partner. These boxes open on the top. You can quickly fill them
with your favorite sweets and click them shut.
The diamond-shaped favor boxes will bring style and glamour to your wedding,
no matter what you place inside. These boxes are a unique way to package your
wedding favors and are available according to your silver or gold choice.

Specification of Diamond Shaped Boxes:

The diamond-shaped boxes are available according to the size of your product
that is put inside. These boxes can be customized in different colors, sizes, and
designs. The material from which these boxes made is also customized. The boxes
can be made of greyboard pasted with art paper, metallic paper (gold or silver),
fancy paper, leather paper, soft-touch paper, etc.

The art paper is also personalized. There is a wide range of styles in diamond-
shaped gift boxes, the different types of these boxes are heart shape, clamshell &
drawer box, oval-shaped box, foldable flat box, hexagon shape box, display box,
or hat shape box.
The printing and artwork can be customized or available in different forms like
color printing, laser printing, UV offset printing, silkscreen, etc.
There is different surface processing available by the manufacturer on the
diamond-shaped boxes. These are foil stamping.
 Embossing
 De-bossing
 Glossy lamination
 Matt lamination
 UV coating
 Laser cutting
 Etching
These surfaces are processed onto the boxes according to the preferences of

Diamond-shaped Cardboard Boxes:

The diamond-shaped cardboard boxes are used for the packaging of flowers.
These boxes are available in different size ranges and are available in custom size
what you want. These boxes are also great for general storage boxes or gift boxes.
For multiple purposes, these boxes are used for paper gift boxes (ring, earring,
necklace, bracelet) display and packaging. They are printed with different
beautiful colors. These boxes are made up of strong corrugated cardboard.
Making of the Diamond Shaped Boxes:
1. The first step in the making of diamond-shaped boxes is choosing a pattern.
The pattern is offered in straight and diamond decorated versions. You can
download the way from the internet. After downloading print and it
includes a diamond box template and a diamond cut out to reinforce the

bottom of the box. The patterns are designed to be printed on standard
letter-size paper.
2. Cutting:
Start cutting around the box pattern with scissors’ help and make cuts on the
solid black lines. Make the cuts very straight. If the stakes are correctly done and
are straight, the box will be more robust and fit together. Using a craft knife will
make the cutting easier.
3. Scoring:
Scoring the fold lines of the pattern makes the folding more comfortable, and it
sharpens the creases. For this, turn the box up with marked lines. Then, score
along each of the fold lines. You can use the bone folder or empty ballpoint pen to
make it indent. They do not mean to cut. You can make a half-cut using a craft
knife or scissors.
4. Folding:
Now, fold the lids and flaps inwardly on the scored fold lines. Again flatten out the
box. When you are using thick cardboard, fold back so that the score is outside
the box. The light weighted cardboard can be folded in either way.
5. Covering with Decorative Paper:
Take a decorative paper of the desired color and cut in a rectangular shape more
massive than the box pattern. Glue this paper to what will be the outside of the
box. Trim or fold the excess paper that is left.
6. Make Box Shape and Glue:
Assemble the pattern in a box shape, and the glue tab is at the end of the box’s
row. Now apply glue along the entire length of the glue tab. You can also use
double-sided tape in place of the adhesive.
7. Complete diamond-shaped box:

To make the exactly diamond shape of the box, fold the bottom flaps inwardly
and close the bottom lid over them, tuck the bottom lid’s flap inside the box.
Repeat this step for the top cover. You can make the crate stronger by putting
the diamond cut-out in the bottom of the box.
The use of diamond shape in Flowchart:
There is a wide range of shapes that used in drawing flowcharts. The diamond
shape box in the Flowchart represents the decision shape. It is used in a process
flow to ask a question. And the answer to this question determines the arrows
coming out of the diamond-shaped box.
The diamond boxes target may contain gem inside, with a mallet, chisel, and
brush to dig into the clay where the treasure found. Here are tons of fun for
everyone. It encourages fine motor skills and creativity. It is a great gift idea or
party favor for a casino or pirate-themed event.


The diamond-shaped gift boxes are available in the market, serving as gifts at
weddings, birthdays, parties, and other events. The diamond favor boxes bring
style and glamor to your wedding. The making of diamond-shaped packages
explained above.