Necessary oil storage boxes help to keep things neat and tidy. These
boxes extend the shelf life of your precious essential oil products by
protecting them from deterioration. The deterioration can be
caused by both sunlight and extreme changes in ambient temperature.
The essential oil boxes are available in a wide range of storage
capacities and every box features brass clasp fittings and wooden
dividers to keep the bottles in place.
Inside essential oil boxes, the internal dividers measure approximately
28 x 28 millimeters. They can hold both 5ml and 10ml glass bottles.
The essential oil packaging boxes are stylish, having a varnished stain
finish. These boxes are economically priced, representing excellent
value for money.

3 of the Best Wooden Essential Oil Boxes:

The variety and depth of the wooden essential oil boxes contribute to
their fascinating uses and applications. From Lavender oil to citronella,
lemongrass, and sandalwood, the vast range of available essential oils
ensure that there is one to suit almost every occasion and desired
The essential oil boxes ensure that the vials are stored upright and
safely in an organized and accessible manner. You can color-code or
organize the vials according to preference, or use and application.

Essential oil wooden box:

This essential oil wooden box is a storage case with a handle. This box
can hold 68 bottles of essential oils. It is a natural plant-based wax
finish with upgraded hinges to keep the lid open in the upright position.
This wooden box ensures that the wooden box's lid does not close
accidentally when removing or replacing the bottles.
This box is made from pine. This box has a non-toxic wax finish. This box
includes space for rollers. This box is complete with a handle, metal
clasps, and hinges designed to ensure that the lid does not tip the box
This box has a beautiful etched design on the cover and sponged bases
to hold the bottles. This essential oil box makes it easy to transport a
wide range of
essential oils.

24 Slot Wooden Essential Oil Box:

This essential oil packaging box is best to use as a case organizer. It is a
holder for storage, display, travel, or presentation protecting bottles of
essential oil boxes in an elegant decorative box. This box is intricately
decorated for essential oil bottles from 5 to 15ml. This box is an
unfinished pine box that is practical and appealing for any collection of

Essential oil Wooden Storage Case over 3 Tiers:

This essential oil storage box is a large capacity 3 tier box for up to 59
bottles. This all-natural wooden case ensures that you have enough
storage for essential oil packaging in a mix of the standard dropper and
roller bottles. As this essential oil box is unfinished, you can have the

opportunity to decide the color of varnish. This box has multi-colored
bottle top stickers to help color code and identify your essential oil

Storing of Essential oils in essential oil boxes:

It is usually one of the frequently asked questions by newcomers that
what is the best way to look after my essential oils? It is worth knowing
a few dos and don'ts on this important subject because the essential
oil' packaging affects their shelf life.
The correct storage is the key to getting the most out of essential oils.
Both essential and vegetable oils do not like repeated changes in
temperature. So, any change in temperature can cause deterioration of
essential oil products. So, you should make sure to look after oily
products properly; otherwise, their therapeutic properties may be lost.
The essential oils are packages in dark-colored glass because it can filter
out the sun’s ultra-violet light. Dark amber is the color of choice to
use in glass bottles. The dark shades of blue, green, and violet are more
popularly used, and they offer protection to essential oils.
You should never leave the essential oils without a suitable packaging in
a place where the sun will shine directly on them – like on a window
shelf in the bathroom. This can dramatically speed up the process of
oxidation due to them continually heating up and cooling down.
Place the essential oils at a cool, dark place to keep them safely away
from heat and also inquisitive children.

Boxes to Pack essential oils:

The oil manufacturing companies are very conscious about the
packaging of their oily products. You can get appealing customized
boxes for the packaging of essential oils. The essential oil storage
boxes wholesale is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The
customized packaging boxes must have an eye-catching design and
sturdy material to get the attention of your valued customers.
You can get the advantage of unmatched custom printed cardboard
essential oil boxes and can get the best boxes for your brand. You can
get the essential oil boxes wholesale for placing a complete range of
10 or 20 essential oil bottles, so they keep intact while shipping.
You can get the health cautions and application instructions that are
mentioned in the essential oil packaging boxes as per the product
You can select sample designs for essential oil boxes from a wide range
of available designs. You can also make a new design in your mind for
the customized packaging boxes. The material used to make the
packaging is 100 % recyclable eco-friendly.

Custom Essential Oil Boxes:

The liquid and other herbal products, including essential oils, are
packaged with extreme care in essential oil boxes. There is a large
variety available in cardboard, kraft, and other sturdy materials to keep
your products upright and safe from heat, temperature, oxidation, and

other environmental factors. Today the market is all about fancy and
attractive displays and packaging boxes that pull customers' attention.
It also helps you to develop brand loyalty. You can get the custom
essential oil boxes that are custom printed boxes made up of special
paper to keep the essential oils safe for a long time.


The essential oils and other herbal products are more prone to
temperature changes, oxidation, and other environmental changes. To
protect essential oils from the environment, these are packaged in
essential oil boxes. These boxes are available in different sizes, shapes,
and designs. These essential oils are packages in amber-colored bottles.