Hanging Tab Boxes:

The hang tab box can be hung from a nail or hook on a point of sale unit of the shop. These boxes easily carry the heavy products and provide them security so, increase the shelf-life. Its main purpose is to increase the density for stock where items cannot be easily stocked.  

Materials Used in Hang Tab Boxes

Hang tab boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard material. The choice of the box depends on various factors such as the product’s type and weight, print requirement, size, and market value. These boxes are made with strong hanging elements to carry the weight of the products.

Types of Hang Tab Boxes

  • Euro Hook Tab Boxes

Euro tab is the most common type of hang tab boxes. It is of elongated shape with a curved portion at the top. These are self-adhesive tabs. So, that’s why they are easily used and beautifully display the products. Adhesive property is very strong just peel off the tape and paste it. Some hooks are without adhesive effect and made up of cardboard and hang on the edge of pointed nails. 

  • Delta Tab Boxes

The Delta tab box is triangular. Its hanging element is a triangular shape made up of cardboard or plastic material. If a hanging element is made up of plastic so easily adhere to the wall. If made up of cardboard materials so the hanging element of triangular shape increase the beauty of the product while hanging on the wall of a retailer shop.

  • Tab Boxes with Round/Circular Hanging Elements

To increase the beauty of the product round/circular hanging elements present on the box. These boxes are firm and durable. The box not grabs the attention but also protect products.

  • Hook Style Tab Box

Hang tab boxes are available with hook style hanging elements in the market. These boxes are beautifully designed so seek the attention of the buyers. These boxes are very strong made up of strong paper or cardboard materials. These boxes easily bear the heavy products placed inside them. 

  • Hang Tab with Butterfly Slots

Many tab boxes available in markets with butterfly slots in them just to increase the beauty of the packaging. These boxes not only grab the attention of the shop but also strong enough to carry the products. The boxes are present in beautiful designs so the demand for these tab boxes increases in the market.

  • Die-Cut Window Hang Tab Boxes

 Window boxes can attract customers directly to the product. Hang tab box with die-cut window available in any size, shape, and style. It represents the most important part of the item that is present inside. That grabs the attention of the customers when seeing the product inside. The window on the hang tab box can be present on top or bottom. These boxes present in beautiful prints, with logo designing, product manufacturing details, embossing, and matte and gloss lamination is done on the box. 

  • Tuck Flap Hang Tab Boxes

These boxes are made with lightweight paper or cardboard items but easily handle heavy products. It contains three closing flaps. The box contains top and bottom flaps. These flaps are in the same, and opposite direction with folding in the base can be joined manually.  Digital prints are made on these boxes that attract the attention of the buyer. Hang tab tuck flap boxes are used for the products that cannot place on the shelves so hang that product.

  • Auto-Lock Bottom Hang Tab Boxes

The auto-lock bottom hangs tab boxes use for handling the product which cannot place directly on a shelf. The box provides extra safety to heavy products.  These boxes are joined easily and shipped flat.  Auto-lock tab boxes are available in the market with their unique size, and designs give an attractive look to the customers.

  • Hang Tab Pillow Boxes

 Pillow boxes are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors in the market. These boxes come with hanging elements on the box for hand on the product on the wall. A box contains a brand logo which makes the brand professional. With this beautiful look, customers attract to the product. It fulfills the display and décor needs.  

  • Hang Tab Sleeve Boxes

It is one of the durable boxes for displaying products with the hanging tab in the box. Sleeve boxes available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. It fulfills the packaging, and showcases the need for the product, and gives it a delicate look that attracts people. These provide competition in the market and increase product demand.

  • Hang Tab Boxes with Logo 

The packaging is done with the brand logo on the hanging tab box distinct from the desire brands. Hang tab box with the best logo design catches the attention. Logo designing helpful for the buyer to buy the desired brand next time easily. UV spot makes a shiny logo. Timeline tags also printed on the hanging tab boxes provide a delicate look. It is admired by customers.

  • Digital Printing on Hanging Tab Boxes

 These prints on hanging tab boxes are designed by high-level experts that assure the protection of the product from damage. Different prints are made on these boxes. PMS is Pantone Matching System which is a standard color system. The boxes design with this technique seeks the attention of the buyers.  Spot color is another famous digital printing technique. Using the spot color technique, individual inks are added to different parts of the package. A set formula is used to create individual pre-mixed colors in spot color packaging. Another famous digital printing technique is a CMYK color scheme. Four different color inks Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and Black uses for CMYK color printing. It is a common and famous technique to design hang tab boxes.


The demand for hang tab boxes increasing day-by-day in the market. These boxes are famous for their look, strength, and durability. The hang tab boxes are used for all types of products to increase their shelf life and visibility. These boxes are designed according to the specification of the product. A product in the hang tab box when hanging on the display hooks catches the attention of people from distance. These boxes are available in beautiful layouts. Finishing on these boxes done by matte and gloss lamination.