A one-piece mailer box is a paperboard packaging that is designed to
store and send your delicate products. These boxes do not require any
adhesive tape to assemble or close them. This box’s double sidewalls
make it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of
paper board packaging. Similar to these boxes are cardboard boxes
that are primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can be
recycled. These are heavy paper-like materials, including paper board
or cardstock.

Designing of One-Piece Mailer Boxes:

The mailer boxes are designed with high quality to offset print using the
color palette. It is made up of corrugated cardboard that is coated with
premium white paper. It is rigid and best for shipping. This box is
available with a matt or glossy foil. The glossy foil adds a sparkly vibe,
and matt foil embraces the premium character. This box has a white
color printed inside that creates unforgettable un-boxing. It is the
packaging to kick off a fantastic product experience.

Properties of Mailer Boxes:

This specially designed box meets the following eco properties:
 It is biodegradable
 It is made of certified wood.
 It meets the demands of clean air policy.
 It is compostable
 It has local fabrication over it.
 It contains no petroleum-based plastics. It is plastic-free
Cardboard Boxes:
The term cardboard refers to a variety of heavy paper-like materials
that includes corrugated fiberboard. These boxes are industrially

prefabricated. Cardboard Boxes are primarily used for packaging goods
and materials. They can be recycled.
The Crafts and Entertainment with Cardboard Boxes:
Cardboard can have a post-primary life as a cheap material for
constructing a range of projects, like science experiments, costumes,
insulating lining, or children’s toys. It may be presented with a large and
expensive new toy.

Book Mailing Boxes:

A book mailing box is the perfect packaging material to transport
printed material safely and securely. The printed material packaged in
mailing boxes may be too big and bulky for envelopes or mailing bags
yet too small and impractical to pack in cartons. These are convenient
to store and easy to assemble. These boxes come in various sizes to
cater to different book sizes, with a choice of self-seal and non-self seal

Features of Book Mailing Boxes:

The book mailing boxes are made from single-wall corrugated cards;
book packaging boxes ensure that solid flat item such as books,
catalogs, booklets, and videos reach their destination without any
damage. These boxes are perfect for posting or storing items when
extra depth is required.
 Economical and manageable to use
 Perfect for dispatching books
 Available in various sizes
 Invaluable packing material for bookselling or publishing
 Made from recyclable material
 Cost-effective wrapping and packing solution
 They are sealed with reliable and robust packing tapes.

Book Packaging:

The boxes that are used to protect books are made from high-quality
corrugated cardboard. This cardboard offers tough, lightweight
protection for multimedia products and books. These boxes can be
assembled by simply folding the book wraps around the contents to
cushion and prevent movement. A range of cardboard book packaging
is ideal if you need to mail books, through the post, for mailing books
overseas or mail-order packaging. Book mailers include standard size
for magazines, paperback, and hardback book packaging.

Book Wrap Mailers:

It is always a need to use high quality and rigid book wrap boxes. And
the Book wrap mailers are the ideal way to protect printed matter and
other solid flat items while on the move. It is one of the best and most
commonly used forms of highly protective board packaging. The
essential features of the Book wrap mailers are as follows:
 Available in variable depth design
 It is made of high strength corrugated board.
 It has reduced transport costs and lower postage costs.
 It features hot melt peel and seal system, easy tear opening
 All in one packaging with self-adhesive closure and no void fill
 Easy to assemble for fast and efficient packing
 Frustration-free un-boxing experience
Book wrap mailers are highly recommended for:
 Picture frames and artwork
 Media including computer games and music
 All kind of print media and books

Book Fold Mailers:

Book fold mailers are great for mailing or shipping books, booklets,
catalogs, and photos. They are easily set up. You can place a product in
the center, fold flaps and then seal. Book fold mailers are scored at
multiple depths, providing sizing flexibility. It provides flat shipping and
is sold in bundle quantities. You can protect your books with these
boxes. It provides unique and durable packaging for books. The
packaging has eye-catching graphics and bold colors to make your
packaging stand out.
 It provides a standard for all flat parcels
 It has an easy setup and can be seal in seconds.
 It is great for business.
 It has an extra-depth score.
 It has customized size and logo printing.
 It is white outside, brown inside.
 It is a furnished flat.

Customized Book Fold Mailers:

Easy book fold mailers are pre-cut and pre-creased corrugated sheets
that are assembled in one step only. The book fold mailers are
designed to provide a flat, solid base with flaps extending from each
side. Two of the total four flaps are longer to ensure full coverage of
inner contents. Mailers and booklets may be customized to include
pockets for DVDs, booklets, or instruction manuals. There are various
book-style covers for maximum copy space.

Tab Locking Mailers:

The tab locking mailer boxes are made of white corrugated cardboard.
They are made from 100 % recyclable material. The tab-lock mailer
boxes feature inside side flaps and front outside tuck that provides safe
closure. They are ideal for shipping books, calendars, binders, catalogs,
print media, or any other important document that need maximum
protection. It is a simple and secure way to send out business forms,

clothing, stationery, and magazines. It features protective side flaps and
front outside tuck closure. It can be assembled in seconds without tape,
glue or staples. It ships and stores flat to save space.