Gifting is one of the beautiful ways to say thank you or show your love to them.
We always want the best and prefer good quality, especially if we choose someone
else, which will make our image good in their eyes and make them fall in love.
For this purpose, pillow boxes are best. You can use these boxes for packaging of
jewelry, small gifts, favors, etc. these boxes come with a unique shape, size, and
design. Not only this, but you can also add a logo to these boxes for giving it a
brand look.

Quality of these pillow boxes:

If you are paying, you always want good quality. That suits your personality and
show your love to them to who you are going to gift. These Krafty pillow boxes
meet your desire and fulfill all your needs. The best part is these boxes are their
quality. These boxes are made of thick and hard paperboard, which is glued,
giving you tension-free packaging. It won a trip until you open it, or there
packaging won’t be spoiled early. These boxes have flaps feature on both sides,
which pops up when folded by giving you a cute pillow look.

Sizes of these pillow boxes:

The size of these boxes varies from small to large, depending on your need. Small
boxes are mostly used for small things like jewelry gifts, lingeries, scarfs, candy,
and favors. Apparel and retail items are packed in large boxes as an alternative
box. These boxes will suit all of your needs. Whatever you want to gift, you can
use the cute pillow boxes. These boxes come as your need, like with or without a
handle. It is self-customized—so no need to think anymore. The pillow boxes are
just perfect for you.

Self-made pillow boxes:

You can make pillow boxes by yourself; they are quick and simple to make by
using pillow boxes templates but gives your gifting a cute, attractive, and unique

look. You can use rubber stamps, ribbons, and many other things to decorate your
pillow boxes.

How to make pillow boxes:

 Firstly, you will need a pillow box template, which comes with a proper
cutting in pillow boxed shape.
 Cut this template according to the shape and fold line, this will give you a
good crisp.
 Here comes the fun part, decorate the pillow boxes using rubber stamps,
ribbons, etc.
 Glue the edges of the pillow box template.
 Now close the pillow box by tucking in both ends.

Clear pillow boxes:

As you know, these boxes are cute and attractive enough to give your gift a great
loved packaging; here comes the best packaging of pillow boxes called the clear
pillow boxes. These boxes are specially used to packaging small things like
jewelry, scarfs, candles, candies, and other cute stuff. This packaging will make
your gift a bit more critical and lovable. Using this packaging is great because you
can easily showcase your gifted item giving it more attraction. You can buy
these boxes and then use ribbons and anything else to make it look more

Design your pillow boxes:

Not everyone has the same choice; a different person wants a different color,
texture, design, and size. To make it easy for you to choose, there is the best way:
a custom pillow box—no need to be tensed. Now, you can easily design your
pillow box as the color, design, texture, material, and size. Everything depends on
you. You can quickly get what you are wanting and no need to worry at all.
Indeed, sometimes we don’t like the thing present already in the market, every
time the thought comes to mind is, the color should be this, the design isn’t

cooperative, or sometimes we think that the size is too big or too small for the
product you’re going to pack. To your all problems, it’s the only solution.
Wants the pillow boxes for your business:
Being inspired by something is good, and after that, we surely want that thing.
Imagine having a jewelry shop, and you are selling something in a normal
packaging they can get from anywhere. So why not give a chance to attract the
customers? And giving your business a little success. It’s absolutely an excellent
decision to choose pillow boxes for your business.
You get the pillow boxes wholesale to use it and to get benefits from it. You can
also customize it, giving your look will make it perfect for you. You can also add a
logo to provide it with your brand look. Doing these things will look great when
you are selling your products in our packaging. Your customers will be surprised
and mesmerized and will not only come again but also refer others to your shop,
making you an excellent seller.

The Popularity of pillow boxes:

The pillow boxes are very rare, but very popular because of its unique designing
and customized features. As it’s good for every item to be packed in it, more and
more people choose these boxes for their gifting purpose. It is manufactured in
only a few American companies, and available colors are red, black, white, and
natural Kraft. But can be manufactured in your customized color too. The thing
about these boxes is they are eco-friendly, can be re-cycled, and are water-
resistant. Most of the gifting shops are preferring pillow boxes and using it
because of its uncountable benefits. It’s becoming popular day by day.


Pillow boxes are the best example of an attractive and beautiful gift, making you
fall in love with the packaging and the product inside it. You will be having
different types of pillow boxes as your choice. Every color, design, and texture
you want will be customized as your pillow box. You can also use a logo to make it
your brand packaging. The quality of these products is unbeatable as its

waterproof, made with hard and thick cardboard. It’s sporadic but popular as
used for packaging of every size of the product. And one day, it will be the most
popular pillow box packaging among the gifting shops.