Tray and sleeve boxes are unique inventions and an amalgamation of two
different packaging styles. These boxes are of double-layer thick material that
makes them more durable and long-lasting. These boxes hold many uses in
almost every field of our daily life, from clothing, food, education to gifting
These boxes are used for the presentation of new and trendy clothes. The tray
and sleeve packaging look is the key to attract people to come and check more.
They are also used in the packaging of food like bakery products and uncooked
items. These are designed to keep things safe and fresh for an extended period.
They are proved to be appreciated when used for gifting purposes.

Structure of Tray and sleeve box:

From the tray part of the tray and sleeve box, two sides of it are pre-glued. The
sleeve sides are inserted once all the products are placed in it. The tray part of
this box is capable of being separated from the sleeve's position. It can be
attached again with the rest portion after the placement of the product inside.

Design of Tray and sleeve box:

The custom tray and sleeve box are unique and splendid compared to other
packaging containers introduced by the packaging industry. The excellent design
of these boxes provides a smart area to keep your products.
The tray and sleeve boxes are specially designed for you when you need to pack
multiple products in sleeve boxes. The box is made from the combination of
two different types of box designs, which are tray and sleeve boxes. When both
systems are combined, we get a tray and sleeve box.
They are specifically designed to give exceptional protection and support to the
packed products inside the boxes. They are quick and easy to use. They are easy
to assemble as well & designed so that the box's exterior structure includes a

straight line tube sleeve. At the same time, the inner part of the package is
composed of a double-walled tray.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes:

The custom tray and sleeve boxes are a different packaging style that is famous
for its lightweight, narrow, and slim design. They can be a perfect choice for
luxurious and glamorous packaging. The dual-layer system of these boxes'
the material provides safety and durability of multiple varieties of products.
The custom tray and sleeve box are ideal for keeping refined products such as
jewelry, watches, chocolates, candles, ornaments, cupcakes, and Italian
macaroons cookies. They are made of high-quality paper boards and can be
molded into all different shapes and sizes. The custom boxes showcase your
products, adding value and style.

Unique Features of Tray & Sleeve boxes:

The tray and sleeve boxes are the top choices of brands for product packaging.
Because these boxes are easy to use, handle, and assemble. So, in short, sleeve
packaging is a complete solution with all the benefits—the Sleeve boxes
wholesale offer many unique features. Let's look at some of them.
Out-class style and design:
In anchor stores, thousands of products get un-noticed residing on the shelves.
But the same will not be the case when you use custom sleeve boxes with tray.
Their out-class style packaging is unique and eye-catching enough to attract
customers instantly. Their unique design will highlight your product among the

An eco-friendly option:

Tray and sleeve boxes help you to be a trustworthy brand as these boxes are
recyclable and reusable. Customers know a lot about environmental issues and
want to buy products packed in eco-friendly containers. The tray ans sleeve boxes

are highly recyclable and leave zero carbon print on the environment, so
Customers can quickly turn these boxes into a storage box.

Offers durability:

Tray and sleeve boxes help to provide product security with the double strength.
The bottom tray of these boxes holds the product, and the sleeve covers it. The
packaging with these boxes is an ideal solution for delicate and fragile items. You
can get these boxes with packaging inserts so that the products remain at a place.
These boxes can be used for shipping and product storage.

Can be your brand advertiser:

Wholesale tray and sleeve boxes with logo are a perfect representation of the
brand. You can customize these boxes to give a clear brand message to your
customers. Your customers will appreciate your efforts in designing a unique

Wholesale tray and sleeve boxes:

You can have your sleeve boxes wholesale with the logo made in custom shapes,
preferred sizes & unique layouts from online stores and nearby places. The
material used for manufacturing these boxes is of the sufficient quality cardboard
& recyclable Kraft material. At wholesale prices, custom printed sleeves with trays
and without trays are also available.
Whether you want single-colored sleeve boxes, or printed sleeves with striking
color combinations and eye-catching designs. The creative graphic designers with
state-of-the-art technology print tray and sleeve packaging possible.

Kraft sleeve boxes:

You can add value to your brand with Kraft sleeve boxes to winsome your
customers with rapid action. These biodegradable custom kraft boxes can help to
build up attraction among ordinary people. The Kraft sleeve boxes are
tremendous players in the market to make a business valuable. So, it is essential

to keep an eagle eye over these custom printed boxes' features, making beautiful
with the printing of the latest technology CMYK.
To increase the beauty of sleeve box packaging with the logo, try out the
techniques like embossing, de-embossing, foiling, die-cutting, lamination, spot
UV, gloss UV, matte UV, and spot AQ to enhance packaging appearance in the
market. The fixing of products into custom boxes is possible with customized sizes
and shapes.


The essence of the above content is that, tray and sleeve boxes are an innovation
having two different packaging styles. These boxes are used for everyday
purposes. They help to keep your clothes and other accessories safe and clean.
These boxes can be made customized for your particular products.