Truffle boxes

Due to advanced technology, our earth has become a global village, and in this
global village, if you want to greet someone, gifting sweets is the best option as it
is a symbol of love and care. A truffle is a very delicious sweet, packed in truffle
boxes; these boxes are essential for truffles, and these boxes are very convenient
in shipment, carrying from one place to another. Apart from this, they are also
used to attract the customer as truffle boxes also increase the charm of truffles.
Importance of Truffle Boxes Packaging:
The packaging plays an essential role in perceiving the actual value of the product,
and especially the truffles need proper packaging for a formal presentation.
So, truffle boxes that are available in size, shape, brand logo, and design
customization are using to package truffles. The truffle boxes can show your
gratitude towards high valued guests. Further, you can also write best wishes on
truffle boxes along with the name of your loved one. The atmosphere resistant
quality material is used to make truffle boxes.
The material of truffle boxes
Usually, truffle box is of cardboard as they are the easiest to carry and very cheap,
but in some personalized truffle boxes, glass and plastic used. The material of the
truffle box should be eco-friendly so that it may not cause any harm to the
environment. The material used in the manufacturing of truffle boxes is very light,
so they are easy to carry and modify. The truffle boxes are usually small in size, so
they are given as gifts, so these boxes also convey a message of love.

Types of truffle boxes

Following are some types of truffle boxes we will discuss them one by one

 Kraft truffle boxes
 Printed Custom Truffle Boxes
 Rigid truffle boxes
 Clear truffle boxes
 Silver truffle boxes

Kraft truffle boxes

They made up of cardboard-like material due to which these truffle boxes are
light in weight and they usually packed in a Kraft paper. Sometimes they ask to
have an extra print over them according to the occasion
Printed custom truffle boxes
These types of truffle boxes are used for commercial purposes by many
companies. The custom truffle boxes are available in different sizes, shapes,
designs. Many companies manufacture custom truffle boxes with the brand logo
printed on them. They are special kind of packages which are prepared and
decorated according to the demand of the customer
Rigid truffle boxes
Rigid truffle boxes are attractive due to their elegant appearance. Their
production requires special orders on special occasions. The primary purpose of
these boxes is the promotion of a brand or a company. They are very hard, and
their making material is plastic.
Silver truffle boxes
The silver truffle boxes usually have a unique kind of coating on them. The
purpose behind this is to bring the attraction of customers towards truffles. The
layer is usually of silver or gold.
Clear truffle boxes
These kinds of boxes are ready in bulk. They are transparent and have no unique
decorations; we usually saw such products in different departmental stores.  They
only have the stickers of the company on them, and they are the simplest type of
truffle boxes.

Wholesale truffle boxes

They are produced in a mass number, usually wholesale truffle boxes ordered by
a company or any brand of truffles. These truffle boxes are the same in size, in
colour, in shape. Even the amount of truffle in these truffle boxes are also the
same, many companies and production houses produce many of these boxes
every year to complete the demand. They are usually transparent and
straightforward and have a brand's logo or sticker on them.

Candy boxes

Candies used worldwide, the primary reason behind this is their taste, but the
second reason which plays a significant role in its sale is its packaging. Candy
boxes used in the packaging of candies. These beautiful and small candy boxes
increase the worth of these candies a lot. Candy boxes are a unique selling item
to wrap your sweet candies in beautiful packaging. These boxes usually
manufactured with strong quality cardboard material, safe to transport them to
the retail stores.
Candy boxes come ready to assemble. Candy Boxes are also the right choice for
chocolates and other small gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween,
where you can insert a cute gift for your loved ones because they are easy to
carry and people love to eat candies a lot.
Candy box choice is critical as any speciality food manufacturer. It brings extra
attention to the seasonal items with speciality shapes that add a touch of whimsy.
Coordinating colours and patterns provide an extra touch of beauty and glamour
to the candies, which increases the demands of sweets.

Two-piece truffle boxes

The two-piece truffle boxes usually made up of a tray and a lid. These truffle
boxes are very safe in use. They made up of cardboard.  They are modifiable,
increase the beauty of the product. They are reliable, and they are not much
The size of a two-piece truffle box is different in a different case, some truffle
boxes are single layer truffle boxes, and some are multiple layer truffle boxes,
depends on the number of truffles,   used a lot as gifts. On different occasions like

Father’s Day, Mother’s day, wedding, wedding anniversary, and many others, as
they made up of cardboard, they are light in weight and easy to carry.


Truffle is an excellent sweet and used worldwide. This made up of chocolates and
nuts. It packed in boxes, which referred to as truffle boxes. There are five kinds of
truffle boxes. They produced in no small measure according to the customer’s
demand. Two-piece truffle boxes considered as best gift on many occasions.
Candies used worldwide, and they are also famous due to their renowned
packaging. They also stored in different boxes are also decorated as per need.