Tuck tab boxes are crafted by folding thick paper stock, rigid stock, or card stock into a box shape with a flap on the top. They have a flap on the top, so they are called tuck top boxes. A flap on the top helps you insert and take out the product or contents with ease and convenience. A tuck box is simple; your designs can shine with your logo on the front that brings your product a brand’s recognition.

Tuck top boxes popular for their multi-purpose design and flexibility, non-adhesive nature. They are simple to install and have double sidewall locking in place on the bottom board. The lids of tuck top boxes are your goods’ protection against dust and other hazardous particles, so customers enjoy packages with lids more. 

When tuck tab boxes are stacked on shelves, they can help to customize your company brand your products more compelling to your customer base.

Tuck Top Mailer Boxes:

Tuck Top Mailer Boxes are perfect for shipping and mailing or furnished flat with a very easy setup design. These boxes are one stock line where you can excel against market competition due to a large range of options & a network of partners who can provide sizes that other packaging companies cannot. Tuck top mailing boxes are great packaging options for economically sound packaging options for clients in the retail industry, e-commerce, and entertainment industries. Both Kraft tuck top mailers & white tuck top mailer boxes are available in the stock options. 

These are a great way to package and ship aesthetically while staying with cost-efficient corrugated mailers.

Tuck top gift boxes:

Tuck top gift boxes are the ideal type of packaging for sending gifts to your loved ones. You can get stylish and completely personalized custom prints on tuck top boxes that can boost attractiveness. 

You can inspire your customers and make them grateful for custom designs on tuck top gift boxes for special occasions and seasons.

You don t need to worry about these boxes’ price as the high-end tuck top gift boxes at the most affordable rates online.

You can Use tuck top gift boxes to great effect for both personal and professional use. Tuck top gift boxes bring an overwhelming look to your gift and make it unique for someone extraordinary. They can be made of cardboard stock or rigid stock, and you can tag in some extra accessories like ribbon, etc.


Whether your wedding anniversary is just around the corner or you want to send some special gifts to your relatives this holiday season, the tuck top boxes will certainly meet your needs.

Custom tuck top gift boxes the ideal packaging for gifts, and they are the main feature because they are made of recyclable materials. 

Tab lock-tuck top mailing boxes:

Tab lock-tuck top mailing boxes help you to Ship, store, and package your items easily with extra sturdy mailing boxes. 

They are made up of corrugated cardboard and feature a single layer, roll bottom with an extra tab lock for added security, and a die-cut construction. The die-cut design offers clean edges, precise dimensions, and easy assembly. Tab lock-tuck top mailing boxes are Ideal for mailing, shipping, and storage. To assemble these boxes, pre-fold along the box score lines. It forms the box body by folding each of the side flaps towards the center. Now you can insert your cushioning and contents. To close and secure the contents, fold the box top over, tucking the remaining flaps into the box body. 

Tab Lock Tuck Top Boxes features a design that makes them perfectly suited for packaging a wide variety of products, including cosmetics, retail, and product packaging. They are available in different sizes. They are easy to assemble and quick to load. They can be opened and closed with ease. These boxes are Eco friendly, durable, and visually attractive.           

They are designed to make a perfect suite for packaging a wide range of products. These boxes help to create a unique image of your product in the customer’s mind. These boxes are available is all soft of sizes and shapes. 

The main features of these boxes are that they are easy to assemble and can be opened and close quickly, easy to load, durable, attractive, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, completely customizable.

The tuck tab boxes are typically erected and locked manually. These boxes can be very easily assembled and loaded by hand. They feature a connected lid and a front lid and two locking flaps that smoothly go in between the two side panels. 

The tuck top boxes are unglued boxes that need to be folded when they’re assembled.   They open at the top and closes to the inside with a tuck.  Their unique design has an extremely sturdy structure on the side and the front panel, making it suited for light to medium weight products, including food, retail, and product packaging. 

Tuck tab boxes are a unique, cost-effective, and innovative marketing tool for promoting your business. They cover a comprehensive range of visually appealing and durable roll end boxes to fit your specific requirements.

Tuck top mailer boxes:

Tuck top mailer boxes to ship your products safely and securely. They are made of strong corrugated cardboard and feature a convenient one-piece tab lock design and die-cut edges. These boxes fold to create triple-thick sidewalls for support and security. They are easily available in different sizes and styles, perfect for e-commerce retailers.  

Tuck top mailer boxes can be folded two ways: fold from box back panel to form a second internal bottom or roll from box bottom. These boxes are also printed using water-based and algae-based inks and are delivered flat and are easily assembled. 


Tuck top boxes are handy, easy to accumulate, and offers a luxurious look for your product. These boxes are used for multi-purposes. They fold to create thick sidewalls for more support and security. These boxes come in different sizes and styles, a perfect match for e-commerce retailers.