Nowadays, in marketing, everything is supposed to be packed and
presented in a proper and presentable manner and a clean style. For
female products like shoes and jewelry, many men products like
watches and male shoes are also appropriately packed, one the best
manner of packing is two-piece boxes. If we talk about two-piece
boxes, we can consider them as a tray and lid. boxes structure, mostly
among the two-piece boxes there is no difficulty in opening and closing
of the boxes due to the elegant and perfect design of two-piece boxes
Features :
As we will talk about the two piece boxes' features, one of the best
features is a detachable lid and the bottom base shaped tray. The cover
consists of several wider flaps than the tray that makes it fit on the tray.
So two-piece boxes can be used to store various small products or
single a large item. These boxes are also featured as a healthy product,
so they are very reliable and considered very pleasant for domestic and
commercial use.
Economical :
The two-piece boxes must be frugal, and the reason behind is that if
these boxes are expensive, that will cause a decline in their sale so
that's why they should be economical
Eco-friendly :
The two-piece boxes are usually made up of eco-friendly material, and
the reason is that because eco-friendly material is suitable for packing
and if can be reused like cardboard that will cause an increase in its sale
Materials in two-piece boxes

Material is significant in the production of anything, mostly two-piece
boxes are made up of:
1- cardboard
2- Rigid material
The primary material in two-piece boxes cardboard and is further
divided into two categories
One is lightweight two-piece boxes, and the other is heavyweight
boxes; in the lightweight ones, 1.5mm dense cardboard is used while
on the other end, among the high weight boxes, 2.0mm thick
cardboard is used according to the weight of the product

Types of two-piece boxes

1- cardboard two-piece boxes
Two-piece cardboard boxes used a lot in the industries are cheap.
These boxes are available in a considerable number in the market.
The two-piece boxes are also named Cardboard two-piece boxes
because they don't donate a specific material that is industrially
fabricated. And because they are made up of corrugated
cardboard material. The two-piece boxes are mostly used for the
packaging of materials and various goods. They are recycled a lot
due to which they are very cheap.
In our daily life, we can see that cardboard two piece boxes are used
a lot in the packaging of toys, shoes, watches, and many other items
and are also used a lot in domestic cases. People used to preserve
Crockery And many other home items in two-piece card boxes.
2- Two-Piece candy boxes
Two-Piece candy boxes are also a type of two-piece boxes, as we all
know that sweets are a part of human tradition for a long time, and

from the passage of them, their packaging material is also changed
according to the need requirements of the marketing.
Nowadays, candies are also packed in two-piece boxes. Two-piece
candy boxes give an extra amount of attraction and add more
glamour due to which customers love candies packed in a two-piece
3- Two-piece gift boxes
Humans have a history of presenting their loved ones with presents.
Gifts are a means of sharing love amongst individuals and are the
means of healing people’s differences. The kind of gift often altered
with the development of society. Animals are gifted as a gift in the
old days, and now different artifacts are gifted. And the desirable
items are wrapped in two gift boxes. There is a pleasing look at these
When you give your gift in two correctly packed piece boxes, it
increases the present and the person’s beauty. Such gifts also attract
recovers the gift; Traditionally, two-piece gift boxes are made
from fibreboard and paper board.
Some people also use decorative papers, ribbons, and many other
things to increase the gift’s beauty
4- Two-piece setup boxes
Two-piece setup boxes are used in various fields. It depends upon
the size and the work for which these two-piece boxes are used. Two-piece setup boxes considered the most reliable two-piece boxes.
Their resonance behind this is their excellent quality; they are made
of the most high-quality cardboard. They are mostly used for
promotions but sometimes are also used for sale purposes; the

paper used in them is printed easily. The cardboard material is
according to customer demand.
 Applications of two-piece boxes
In several distinct areas, the two-piece boxes have great use. Ninety
percent of the production of two-piece boxes is achieved by using
two-piece boxes of cardboard. The reason for using two-piece boxes
of cardboard is their low price and their reputation. Most companies
use them as packing material, such as shoes wrapped in a two-piece
boxes of cardboard. It is bundled in many watches, branded shirts,
and other household materials such as Crockery.
The two-piece boxes are used for lauding the visibility.
 They are reliable
 They are easy to carry
 They increase the beauty of the product.
 They are cheap
 They increase the presentation of the product.
 They are used to attract customers.


From the above explanation, we concluded that the two-piece boxes
are used a lot for packaging purposes. They are economical and eco-
friendly. They are also very cheap, and they are used for gift purposes,
as candy boxes as any others, and most two piece boxes are made up of
cardboard. Custom and special plans which are offered to liberal clients
make separation among their item, so their items catch everyone's eye.
Exclusively customized printed boxes have been consolidated of the

special outline, shape, measure, style completed and substantially