Window Boxes

Window boxes are a type of flower containers that are used for
growing herbs or other edible plants. They are also used for living
flowers or plants in the form of a box attached on or just below the sill
of a window. It is usually fixed to the wall immediately below it so the
owner can easily access the plants in it. When window boxes are
installed under a window, they are usually supported by brackets on
the wall below. This box may be bolted directly to the building without
the use of support brackets. Materials such as PVC or glass fiber, use a
cleat mounting system from behind to attach to the building.

Window Box’ Construction:

Materials such as wood, brick, terracotta, metal, glass fiber, vinyl, or
cellular PVC, may all be used in the construction of window boxes.
Mostly a window box lasts for about 3-5 years before showing
deterioration. But the painting and maintenance on window boxes can
last for 10-15 years.

Packaging of Window Boxes:

As window boxes are available in different sizes and shapes so they are
packaged in boxes that can be altered according to the requirements.
There are a lot of customization preferences to facilitate the valued
customers. The preferences are applied in the shape, size, design,
printing type, and the material used in the manufacturing of fall
window boxes packaging. Another modification in the packing is the
printing type and finishing style of the packaging.

Metal Window Boxes:

These boxes are made from galvanized metal that has then been
powder coated inside and out. They are simple modern, and elegant.
They are available with drainage holes. You can fit them to the railings
or a wall using your brackets. A classic metal window box design is

ideal for a townhouse or country cottage. These boxes are equipped for
many a season of rust-resistant outdoor use. It is a revolution in both
style and utility.
These multi-purpose boxes are notable for their dimensional, tapered
silhouette, polished finish and elegantly rolled top rim. All these
qualities make it an ideal addition to front windows, gazebos, or front
porch railings. These are designed to fit within the hooks. These
containers bring the same sleekness and functionality to container
garden displays.

For Stand-alone Installation:

For stand-alone installation of metal window boxes, you have to
choose a bracket that is sturdy enough to support the whole weight of
the box. Make sure that it matches the planter’s greater width. For
better results and proper installation take some advice on what to
choose to stand-alone these boxes.

Planters for Windows and Flower Boxes:

The planters for windows and flower boxes are great for gardening in
small spaces. You can find 1,000 ideas for using pots and planters
around your home to improve indoor and outdoor services. You can
easily mount or hang them from your deck rails to beautify your home.
You can hang window flower boxes and planters under windows, on
walls, balcony railings, and fences. This gives you the versatility to add
beauty to any space. This helps you create a container garden
anywhere in your home.

Window Flower Boxes:

In small buildings with no garden, these boxes are the only opportunity
to bring some greenery and flowers onto a façade. Window Flower
Boxes are a type of ‘façade greenery’ or more precisely a localized

partial greening. These boxes are used when there is no possibility to
grow plants from below. Small arrangements aren’t impressive when
designing boxes, because a single-window flower box on a big wall
usually gets lost. It is better to install several or at least all windows
with boxes on one storey. Fitting all the windows of a building with
flower boxes creates a unified appearance.
Material Types and Benefits of Window Flower Boxes:
Here is a list of materials that can be used to design flower boxes.

Wrought Iron:

The wrought iron styles are powder-coated to resist chipping, fading,
and rusting. This container is a baked-on paint finish that can last longer
than conventional painting. It can protect the metal in a better way. If
you like old-world styling or are creating a courtyard garden then
wrought iron is the best choice.
Aluminum containers feature a weatherproof powder coat finish and a
plethora of liner options. Aluminum does not rust making it ideal for
use in coastal areas.
The copper window flower boxes are the real definition of luxury
garden products. It should be 100 % raw copper so that the customers
can expect the metal to patina over time to a blue-grey hue. The copper
is hand polished, creating a striking contrast when paired with iron.
Copper can naturally deteriorate slugs and snails.
There is nothing more real than the classic beauty of pure wood. The
wood products are made of natural insect and rot-resistant redwood

and cedar. The pure sustainable timber is used making the flower boxes
perfect for use as chemical-free organic gardening planters.
PVC Composite:
It is a solid core material that looks like wood. PVC is the best material
as it does not rot, twist, or warp. It is inherently white in color but can
be painted. It is popularly used in coastal areas.
The vinyl material will not rotor discolor in the sun and are offered in a
variety of fun colors. The flower boxes that are made up of vinyl
material are lightweight and many feature integrated sub-irrigation
systems. These are great for travelers and busy professionals.

Wrought Iron Window Boxes:

It is a beautiful container placed outside your window and adds to a
home elegance. You can hang a wall-mounted wrought iron window
box to keep herbs and flowers within reach. No matter if you have an
older home that needs something new outside or a new home that you
want to add some elegance to, these boxes are the perfect solutions.
The iron window boxes can be attached to almost any window, and you
can add any kind of flower or herb that you want.