Terms of Use

Your visit to your website assures the willingness on our terms and policies. Our company contains all the rights to make changes in these terms and policies anytime without issuing any prior notice. We urge you to go through our page regularly.

Moreover, we have authority over the raw material used for packaging purposes. Also, we do not make any kind of deal with anyone regarding these raw materials. Besides that, we have a complete right over distributing your packaging products as free samples.

Refund and return policy

There are several reasons for custom products and other services provided by us, you must acknowledge us within 3 working days of dispatching your order. We are not obliged to return or refund the products. However, we will surely look into the matter if there is an error made by us or any defect in the packaging.

Order, delivery, and shipping

We believe in delivering your products as soon as possible. But this is to bring under your kind notice that the turnaround time of the delivery is estimated. But we try our level best to remove any hurdle or obstacle that may delay in delivery plan or manufacturing. We will not be responsible for any damages resulting from delivery or shipment.

Apart from that, the production cost is totally dependent on any amendments in labor, material, rate of exchange, and other factors. Our company is not responsible for the delivery and shipment of your products as this job is accomplished by freight and courier companies as per our assignment. If any product is damaged during shipment, we will not be accountable for it because these damages are the only liability of freight and courier companies as

they will be delivering the end product. But we ensure our customers in assisting them regarding the initiative to take for claiming damages by a particular courier company and sort out the matter in our capacity.

Furthermore, shipment charges depend upon the weight, size, and prevailing rates. There might be additional charges for a custom exam, custom clearance, and transportation. The custom clearance process requires some information that is supposed to be provided by the customer.

The customer will have to face a delay in case of not providing the required details on time. This may also give an invitation to storage or warehousing fees. If the customer does not cooperate in the custom clearance process, then our company will not be responsible for any kind of additional fees.

Order placement, payment, and cancellation

We will require full and advanced payment before providing our services. You will also get proof of your order placement through our website. As soon as you approve the proof from our website, you will have a turnaround time of 4 hours to cancel the order. No cancellations will be entertained after 4 hours. A certain amount of cancellation charges will apply if the cancellation takes place within 4 hours or after 4 hours within 24 hours. After 24 hours, there will be no assurity of order cancellation.

Accountability of defective products

As per our company, the defective products are known as printing mistakes from the manufacturing side, unsuitable composition, or cut and finish. Minor cracking will be observed near the crease area.

Artwork/files to be submitted

The customers are supposed to submit artwork/files that should be 300 dots per inch in CMYK format. If the files do not meet the requirements then we will not be liable for any printing quality issue. Moreover, you have to be the owner of the
material you upload on our website. Besides that, we have the full right to refuse any order without giving a particular reason.

Content provided by the customer

You are supposed to submit the data you want to get printed on the packaging of your products through our website. We will not be responsible for any kind of customer content. Also, you should have a copyright of the documents you provide.

Packaging images for marketing purposes

The packaging done by our company for your products will be photographed and uploaded on our official website for marketing purposes. In case you are not satisfied with it, you can surely email us at our email address.

Proof approval

Customers are compelled to approve the proof because the order will not proceed further without your approval for the proof. You will face a delay if you do not approve the proof.

Under runs and overruns

An additional amount of goods will be added with your order which will not require any charges. In the underrun case, we will make a bill for the actual quantity of goods delivered.

Changes in terms and conditions of the website

Any portion of the website’s terms and policies will be changed without notifying the customers. The addition of new terms and conditions will be the official part of the website. Moreover, these new and advanced terms and conditions will be effective as soon as they are published on our website. Your frequent visits to our website will ensure the changes in the agreement.


In this article, we discussed the terms and conditions of our company. We have mentioned the terms and conditions to notify our customers in case they face any inconvenience from our side. The terms and conditions of our company are elaborated in detail so that you should know our policy before placing an order. You are highly encouraged to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to prevent any inconvenience. Also, we have complete right over rejecting an order because of some reasons that are against our company’s policy. Moreover, we will not be liable for any damage to the customer’s products as we are only supposed to package the products.

The liability is on the shoulders of freight and courier companies. Furthermore, the content provided by the customer should have copyright permission to defend our team if we face any mishaps. Above all, we provide services as per our customer’s choices and we respect their privacy and so do we expect the same from them too.

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